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We are Dental Stephany

Along with you since 2009

The Dental Stephany Dental Clinic is located in the north of the capital, with complete dental services.
The area is constantly growing and we are glad to be close to our patients in Baneasa, Bucharest, Noi, Mogoşoaia, Bucharest Targoviste, Gheorghe Ionescu Siseşti

  • Friendly doctors
  • Clean cabinet
  • High performance equipment
  • Discounts for families
  • Străuleşti Metro Station
  • Free parking
  • Free consultation
  • Specialized baby doctor
  • Pay with the card
  • Fast fixed
  • Dental tourism
  • Dental aesthetics

What can we offer you?

The Stephany Dental Clinic offers the possibility to do high-quality professional dental treatments at very affordable prices in a luxurious environment and exceptional organization services for patients from abroad and in Romania.

Dental Stephany

Our services are distinguished by the competence and compassion of our doctors, nurses and collaborators.
We believe in providing top-quality services with modern therapies.

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Strada Gheorghe Ionescu Sisești, nr. 260B

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