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Bredent Sky fast & fixed dental implants

Bredent's Sky fast & fixed dentifrice dentures are a complete denture reconstruction method for patients without teeth or sick teeth that can no longer be saved.

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Stages Fast & Fixed

The steps of a Fast & Fixed work
  • Initial consultation
  • Interpretation result
  • Original fingerprints

Dental Implants Fast & Fixed

STAGES Fast & fixed
  • Conscious sedation
  • Surgery
  • Radiography control
  • Final imprints
  • Install temporary work
  • Healing time
  • Mounting the final work

About Fast & Fixed

Who’s Fast & Fixed?

Patients who have lost all their teeth and want a fixed job;
Patients who have irrecoverable teeth or who can no longer support a fixed denture work;
Dental prosthesis carriers who want fist teeth.
It is recommended for patients who need a reconstruction in the jaw (upper arch) and mandible (lower arch). The procedure involves inserting dental implants and fixing the temporary work within 24 hours.

The major benefit of using Bredent’s SKY fast & fixed dental implant system is that we now have the opportunity to offer patients in one day teeth with which they can eat immediately after surgery, resuming their social life in a while record.

We guarantee 100% osteointegration of dental implants, and with the PRGF technique we ensure that the patient heals 7 times faster than usual, reduces the risk of infection and does not appear to be swollen.

For patients with bone deficiency, we can successfully complete bone reconstruction with bone augmentation. The entire operation is supervised by the anesthesiologist who assures the patient’s conscious sedation, enhancing his / her comfort.

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