Prosthetic dentistry

Pedodontics is the dental specialty dedicated exclusively to the oral and oral health of children and adolescents.

Pediatric dentistry (pedodontics) focuses on the prophylaxis and treatment of temporary and permanent dentition, as well as the detection of dentomaxillary abnormalities (eg dental prostheses, dental prostheses, dental malformations, etc.). As we already know, children have dental needs and dental problems different from those of adults. Children should be treated by doctors specializing in pediatric dentistry as early as possible, preferably in a warm and relaxing atmosphere that will make them feel more relaxed.


Our dental office offers the following treatments for children: training for proper brushing, professional brushing, fluoridation, dental seals, temporary or final fillings. If you have children and are worried about how they will face a pediatric dental consultation, please contact us and we will definitely help you.


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