Treatment of Cavities (Cariology)

Cariology – Caries treatment
Odontotherapy or cariology is a basic specialty of dental medicine. She is concerned with the detection and removal of dental caries, followed by the restoration of damaged dental tissue.

Dental caries are the lesions that damage the hard tissue of the tooth. In its early phases, it can only be noticed by the dentist; when the presence of caries is also reported by the patient, the lesions are already advanced. Hence the need for regular check-ups at the dental office in order to prevent illness in the early stages of dentition.

Untreated, dental caries can be complicated by inflammation of the dental pulp, infections and can even lead to loss of tooth.

Dental caries can be prevented by brushing teeth and regularly using dental floss, regular dental checks, professional brushing, and avoiding high-sugar foods.


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